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In the spirit of giving, EPAM Systems, a leading software development company, has donated specially adapted ride-on cars to eight children who receive services from The Warren Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing support to children with developmental differences and their families.

This holiday season, these young recipients, each facing unique physical challenges, will experience the thrill of independent movement thanks to the thoughtful donation from EPAM Systems. The adapted toy cars were customized for each child by the therapists at The Warren Center, ensuring a personalized and therapeutic experience.

EPAM Systems, known for its commitment to community outreach, has previously donated adaptable cars to nonprofits in the Houston area. The decision to extend this generosity to families in the Dallas-Fort Worth area reflects the company's dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of children facing physical challenges.

The adaptability of these cars lies in the protective tubing surrounding the back, a user-friendly button on the steering wheel for easy control, and a secure seat belt. Parents also receive a remote control, allowing them to guide the car and ensure the safety of their child. The cars are equipped with lights and a music-playing radio, enhancing the overall experience for the young riders.

Each car was designed in just a few hours. EPAM Systems expresses its hope to continue designing and donating more cars to children at The Warren Center in the future.

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