Libby Powers

“I came here as a fourth grader, hoping to find a place to escape from the experience of my previous school. I was tired of being the outcast because I was hyper, because I was eccentric, and because I had difficulty reading and writing. Because I was different, honestly, is what it boiled down to. Winston was a place where I felt safe after even just a few hours. The work was the same, but I could finally pay attention. I didn’t feel like I had thirty sets of judgmental eyes laughing behind me as I struggled with my work. I had peers who respected me, and who made me feel welcome.

 Who would have thought that I would go on to become a happy, outgoing, strong student within a single year, all because the people around me changed. Who would have thought that the right teacher could make the little girl who got laughed off stage, sing a solo every year and actually enjoy it? Who would have thought that the little girl who wanted to learn how to draw but gave up, could actually draw something that looked real? And who would have thought that this little girl who had lost hope, could find it again through her classmates: the artists, the singers, the actors, the comedians, the geniuses, the social butterflies… the friends.”

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