Libby Powers

This was quite a remarkable game, with Fairhill coming into the match thinking this would be an easy victory on the path to the championship game. The Winston Eagles had other plans.

Within the first five minutes Julian Krumins surprised the Fairhill defense with his command of dribbling , and his lightning speed of foot. He flashed by the fullbacks, and hammered a well placed shot past the surprised goalkeeper. It was 1-0

Fairhill recovered from this setback by scoring their own goal five minutes later.

However, the Eagles knew this game could be theirs, and piled on the pressure. Strikers Julian and Dante, found themselves with multiple chances. Some hit the posts, and some went barely over the crossbar, but both made good on at least one shot. The half ended with a 3-1 lead for Winston.

Fairhill made a concerted effort in the second half to win the lead from the Eagles, but the Eagles defense foiled them at every turn. The opposition was so flustered that they even missed a penalty shot.

Confidence flowed from our Eagles, as they knew the game was in their grasp. Julian made it a certainty by scoring twice more. The final whistle sounded, and the Eagles came from the field with a 5-1 victory, and an advancement to the second round of the playoffs.

 Well done Eagles!!

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