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As cold weather rolls in, the animals that live in your backyard will start to seek warm sources of food and comfort. Many will want to bed down in your cozy attic or underneath your home. Don’t let these little guys take you by surprise; they can cause significant damage by gnawing, shredding and building nests. They can even bite through pipes and cables, causing problems with your electricity and water supply. Plus, small animals can carry dangerous bacteria into your home.

Do your home a favor and take some steps to insulate against rats, mice and other rodents that might want to worm their way into your toasty home when it’s cold outside. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to protect your home:

Put Away Any Open Food Containers and Trash

The main draw for most pests is an easy access to food. If you have accessible containers, unsealed trash bins, or other exposed food items scattered around your home, rodents and other animals will see it as an open invitation to dine in. Double check the items in your kitchen, pantry and garage to ensure that everything edible has been put away.

Keep Your Home Clean and Tidy

Don’t give the pests places to hide in your home. Keep your shrubbery trimmed and your backyard tidy. If you have trees hanging over the roof, cut the branches back. Lift boxes, bags and other obstructions off of your garage floor. By cutting back on the available hiding spaces, you’ll help dissuade any unwelcome guests from getting comfortable.

Block Any Easy Entry Points

The best way to prevent rodents from entering your home? Make it difficult for them to find an entry point. Even little holes provide a doorway for tiny mice. Take a stroll around the inside and outside of your house and note any areas that could use repairs or extra protection. Remember that rodents can climb, so even high-up cracks and holes could give them an opportunity to squeeze inside.

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