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Named the 2016 Beneficiary of America’s Future Series and Opens an Internal Veterans Service Organization (VSO) Resource Center

Transformance, Inc., formerly Consumer Credit Counseling Service (CCCS) of Greater Dallas, has announced plans to expand and extend their financial literacy outreach programs to U.S. veterans. Transformance was named the 2016 nonprofit beneficiary of the America’s Future Series. America’s Future Series is a nonpartisan organization that hosts numerous annual events featuring prominent business, military, government and educational thought leaders. Their intent is to elevate awareness and dialogue on the issues affecting the stature of the United States’ global competitiveness in the key areas of health care, energy, education, the economy, the environment, national security, cybersecurity and technology/innovation.

Rich Lakers, CEO of America’s Future Series, said, “We fully support the vision of Transformance to foster financially accountable and sustainable communities across America through its transformational learning systems.” To date, AFS has raised over $2,000,000 for causes worldwide. Transformance, Inc. and America’s Future Series have entered into a multiple-year agreement for 2016 and beyond.

In addition, Transformance opened an internal veteran service organization (VSO) resource center by welcoming two other VSOs to their nonprofit headquarters in Dallas. Joining America’s Future Series is the Veterans Coalition of North Central Texas (VCNCT) and Grace After Fire, each of whom will have their own presence at Transformance’s headquarters to expand their specific veteran outreach efforts. The aim of the VCNCT is to assist veterans and their families’ efforts to reintegrate back into society through opportunities related to education, employment, financial literacy, housing and mental health services. Grace After Fire is dedicated to empowering female veterans’ self-knowledge and self-renewal by connecting them with key resources to transition back into family life, workplace and the pursuit of happiness.

Unfortunately for our U.S. military veterans, statistics show troubling patterns in the lack of financial literacy. According to the 2013 FINRA Investor Education Foundation’s National Financial Capability Study, 42 percent have no rainy day fund, 18 percent have no retirement account, 35 percent utilize nonbank borrowing and 55 percent got three or fewer answers correct on a simple financial literacy survey.

“We are pleased to open our facilities to all three of these honorable institutions,” said Ken Goodgames, president and CEO of Transformance. “The co-location of these veteran-serving organizations will serve to dramatically increase our outreach to vulnerable military and veteran families in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, many of whom often need assistance with opportunities related to financial literacy and economic empowerment.”

To find out how your organization or nonprofit can team up with Transformance and become a part of the financial literacy solution, call (800) 249-2227 or visit

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