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The Brickyard Shares the Experience of Renting New 

At first thought, some of the biggest benefits of moving to a new property may be living in a brand new space where everything from appliances to carpet are being used for the first time. But Billingsley Company’s new multifamily property, The Brickyard, is proving that new properties offer a renting experience that goes beyond new paint. 

The excitement of moving into a new property has been likened to that of freshman year of college in a dorm – residents are open to meeting new people and forming new friendships, and everyone is taking this fresh, next step at the same time. The Brickyard is now moving in the first round of renters on the property. Among the benefits of living at a brand new property:

  • Living in a community where everyone is there for the first time builds a sense of community faster because everyone is new and experiencing the property together.
  • High volume of residents moving in on one weekend creates a bond in each specific building.
  • Because the property and amenities such as the pool, gym and clubroom are brand new, renters are exploring them together and taking pride in the space.
  • The Brickyard promotes regular gatherings and resident events, from pizza on moving day to brunch by the pool, all providing opportunities for residents to continue get to know their new neighbors.

“With every new property, we strive to give residents a unique and easy move-in experience,” says Sumner Billingsley, managing partner on The Brickyard project. “There is something so special about being the first person to live in a space, and we ensure they have opportunities to connect with others that are also experiencing this community for the first time.”

New residents at The Brickyard are not only offered a clean slate in a unit, but a community-centric property. 

The minute I stepped foot on the property, I knew this was home for me. What I like most and more specifically to The Brickyard is that because it is new, you get to watch the community evolve,” says LaVita Gill, a Brickyard resident. “It’s exciting to see new neighbors move in and know they get to experience the same thing I did on my first day here.”

Breaking in a new property with neighbors who are also new to the grounds allows for a unique community dynamic. With the holidays approaching, neighbors have an opportunity to share experiences and create “new” traditions in their very own community.

The Brickyard is the first phase of apartments and townhomes in Mercer Crossing, the newest multi-use Billingsley development, located at the crossroads of Interstate 35E, Interstate 635 and President George Bush Turnpike. The Brickyard is a blend of one- and two-bedroom apartments and townhomes that embody romantic industrial architecture with abundant use of brick, metal-framed windows and old-style painted signs on building walls. Residents have been moving into the community since May 2016.

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