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Operation Kindness – North Texas’ original and largest no-kill animal shelter – partnered with a Waco animal shelter to help save the life of Amelia, who suffered a broken leg and other injuries after being hit by a car. The 2-year-old German Shepherd desperately needed medical attention. The medical team at Operation Kindness performed surgery that saved her left front leg, sutured multiple lacerations and tended to other issues. After taking two X-rays during her post-operative care, Amelia surprised the Operation Kindness team by revealing she was pregnant with nine puppies.

The staff created a special birthing suite in the director’s office so the new mom could birth and care for her puppies in peace and quiet. Amelia needed extra help because a fixator device on her leg from surgery needed tending multiple times a day for several weeks. When she was medically cleared, Amelia finished her recovery in foster care with her puppies. Each puppy is big and strong and has been adopted. Amelia, now fully healed and thriving, was just adopted into a new forever home.

“We took such delight in helping Amelia during through the process of surgery, post-operation, pregnancy and delivery,” says Jim Hanophy, CEO of Operation Kindness. “It was an honor to sacrifice my office to give Amelia the proper privacy and space she needed to deliver nine healthy puppies. Many myths state that a single cat may have nine lives, but we were pleasantly surprised by our ability to save the nine lives of Amelia’s puppies by providing her with the medical care she needed to make a full recovery.”

With the help of an on-site medical hospital, Operation Kindness can save many more pets like Amelia. Last year alone, Operation Kindness treated 4,887 animals and found 4,566 homeless animals forever homes. The animal shelter performed 2,875 spay/neuter surgeries and 250 other surgeries that treated orthopedic, internal organs, hearts, eyes and wounds. In 2016, the no-kill shelter also administered more than $100,000 worth of medicine, which includes treating 2,033 cases of upper respiratory infection, 734 cases of heartworms, 261 cases of ringworm, 511 intestinal illnesses, 238 ear infections and 171 skin conditions. The shelter also provided more than 290,000 meals last year. Many of these animals came to Operation Kindness from a network of shelter partners consisting of more than 45 shelters that are not equipped to provide the care these animals desperately need to survive and thrive.

Since its inception 41 years ago, the no-kill shelter has saved the lives of more than 90,000 dogs and cats. As Operation Kindness continues to grow and serve pets like Amelia, their expenses grow too. Unlike other nonprofits, Operation Kindness does not receive funding from the government, instead relying solely on funds from donations, grants and adoption fees to care for homeless animals.

On April 6, from 12 a.m. until 11:59 p.m., Operation Kindness asks members of the North Texas community to donate to the no-kill shelter as part of a Day of Giving. To participate in Operation Kindness’ Day of Giving, please visit

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