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Legacy ER & Urgent Care Addresses Concern with Solutions

Texas healthcare facilities are dealing with a formidable deficit when it comes to the recruitment of emergency room physicians. While most reports indicate the number of ER physicians in Texas has increased over the past decade, so has the burgeoning population of the state. And the ratio of ER physicians to patients is a widening gap. In the past five years alone, the population of Texas has grown by 10.9 percent. As a result, healthcare facilities are scrambling to staff the proper level of ER physicians to serve the population. This crucial shortage is beginning to cause an overwhelming demand.

According to a 2014 snapshot of statistics, Texas ranks far below the ratio of ER physicians to patients, as it compares to the rest of the national average.



National Average

Board certified ER physicians per 100,000 pop.



ER physicians per 100,000 pop. 




While the 2014 figures alone are startling, the current situation on the ground is even worse. According to Jay Woody, M.D., FACEP, founder and chief medical officer of Legacy ER & Urgent Care, finding ER physicians has become increasingly difficult and may be worse than these numbers project. 

“Facilities all over Texas are feeling the brunt of this shortage as it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to hire ER physicians,” says Dr. Woody. “We are dedicated to providing the very best care for our patients, and staffing our facilities accordingly is of the utmost importance in the pursuit of this goal.”

Legacy ER & Urgent Care’s approach to solving this dilemma is a prime example of what healthcare facilities should to be doing in order to attract quality ER physicians. Below represents the three key incentives Legacy is offering in the way of solutions to combat the physician recruiting shortfall:

  • Recruit doctors from out of state, where the talent pool of ER physicians is larger
  • Offer value-added incentives in the form of fast-tracked leadership opportunities, career growth and very competitive salary/compensation packages
  • Offer far more flexible scheduling opportunities for ER physicians than the current status quo options

Offering ER physicians a competitive salary, leadership opportunities, a support staff based on teamwork and a unique corporate culture are the hallmarks of Legacy’s recruitment efforts. In addition, Legacy also boasts a Net Promotor Score (NPS) of 80, which is double the national average in healthcare and is comparable if not better than major companies known for customer service like Southwest Airlines (66), Starbucks (77) and Apple (77). Solving the current ER Physician shortage in Texas won’t happen overnight. But it is a problem requiring immediate attention before it reaches a crisis stage.

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