Dallas International School
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Thursday evening, February 28, DIS Head of School, Catherine Lévy, held the annual DIS Vision 20/21 at our Waterview campus. The entire DIS community was welcomed as Madame Lévy shared her vision and goals for the upcoming academic year. This year’s event had an exceptional turnout of over 120 attendees including DIS families and staff and faculty. Parents were able to get a glimpse of the ideas planned for the next school year, provide insight on some of the topics that were mentioned during the event, and ask questions based on what was shared. 
Some of the highlights planned for 2020-2021 were: the introduction of a newly created French immersion program for 1st -3rd grade students that have no previous experience with the French language; improving student well-being including ways to bring a greater school spirit; having new dining services; and a remodeled student lounge at the Waterview campus. Madame Lévy also addressed plans to grow the faculty with recent appointments of new leadership roles. The implementation of new academic programs and services including better preparing students for standardized tests, and the revamping of curriculums and schedules to further enforce fundamentals were also addressed as priorities for the year. 
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