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The sixth annual Signature Event, produced by Artists and Musicians in Recovery, returns on Friday, June 7th from 6:00 – 9:00 p.m., bringing with it music, art, and culture that is fun for the entire family and that special circle of friends. To be held at Unity of Dallas, located at 6525 Forest Lane in Dallas, Signature is a one-of-a-kind event that celebrates artists and musicians in recovery. It’s a big party that includes art exhibits and live music by local artists in popular genres such as rock, blues, alternative, and pop. For those who love to nosh, Signature will have food trucks including Easy Slider & Veggie with its gourmet sliders and King Kups, specializing in Cali-Mex street food and desserts. The event is free to attend, thanks to generous sponsors.

Launched in 2018, the Signature Event began with more than 450 people in attendance and has grown since then. It is the first ever event that showcases talents of artists and musicians to further their recovery from substance abuse and other behavioral health issues. Signature inspires the community to embrace the arts as effective tools for sustained recovery.

Signature is important to the community because the struggle of artists and musicians is real, and so is recovery. They represent a unique population. Many artists and musicians struggle with drugs, alcohol, and other problematic behaviors. Some factors that make it especially challenging for this population to recover include the artists’ lifestyle (schedule, environment and sporadic work), the use of chemicals to create a sense of heightened creativity which can result in impaired functioning, travel and work schedules which can hinder meaningful relationships, financial concerns, and the pressures of appearance, praise and criticism.

"We have gathered amazing artists and musicians to share their beautiful creations,” states Betty Ewing Dicken, founder of Artists and Musicians in Recovery and the creator of Signature. “We all know of talented creative souls who have lost the substance abuse or mental health battles. Many have recovered and courageously use their passions and talents to recover and help others. At Signature, you'll be amazed by the creative talents!" 

To learn more Artists and Musicians in Recovery, a 501(c)3 foundation, and their annual Signature Event, visit Join the conversation on Facebook (@ArtsRecovery) and follow Artists and Musicians in Recovery on Instagram (@ArtsRecovery).

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