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Notes on a Nervous Planet

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/25 4:13A Tommi Smith
Welcome to the new decade, everyone! As we embark on new adventures in 2020, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed deciding the best way to go about making the life changes that will make [ ]

New Year, New Series

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/22 4:29A Emily Jackson
You could do what everyone else is doing and start a resolution for the new year, or you could be a cool kid and break out of the resolution rut. How about instead of the [ ]

The Two Parts of “Little Women”

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/18 4:54A Jonathan Carr
The 2019 release of the Greta Gerwig Directed movie “Little Women” has garnered critical acclaim, and given a fresh look at the story written by Lousia May Alcott. Alcott originally was not interested in writing [ ]

Cozy up with a cozie

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/15 4:47A Cynthia Williams
Lately the weather has been all over the place- sunshine, snow, tornadoes, then back to beautiful sunshine. But that’s Texas weather for you. And while this erratic weather might wreak havoc on my TV watching [ ]

Street View: New Voices

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/11 5:04A Emily Jackson
Dallas Public Library’s Street View podcast is back and better than ever! Street View: New Voices features one-on-one conversations between library customers experiencing homelessness in Dallas and Suzanne Glover, Dallas Public Library’s homeless...


Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/8 4:39A Haley Kral
Prolific romance novelist and bestseller Johanna Lindsey died in October 2019, though her death was only announced by the New York Times on December 22, 2019. For many romance readers and writers, Lindsey’s work was [ ]

A Woman is No Man

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/4 4:42A Shane Longoria
When Etaf Rum was writing her debut novel, A Woman is No Man, she had a choice to make: would she tell a story that carried on what she refers to as her community’s “code [ ]

Celebrate the Dream! MLK Jr. Day events at Dallas Public Library

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 1/1 4:02A Emily Jackson
If you re looking for a new way to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, look no further than your local Dallas Public Library branch! DPL branches are celebrating Dr. King s memory in ways big and [ ]

It’s NOT a Wonderful Life

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 12/28 5:18A Andrew Anderson
My apologies. That’s a rude way to introduce things. I should have said “It’s not It’s a Wonderful Life,” because one of the most important introductory facts about the movie I m about to recommend is [ ]

Mother Goose of ’93: Photographic Illustrations

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 12/25 4:25A Jonathan Carr
An illustrated edition of Mother Goose nursery rhymes usually include illustrations of a goose wearing a bonnet and glasses, an elderly woman whose made an old boot her home, and a cow leaping happily over [ ]

Learning to Love (Fiction) Again

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 12/21 5:23A Katherine Mercer
During my life I’ve spent hours, days, and even years reading and surrounding myself with fictional friends. I cheered as Tally Youngblood from The Uglies series stood up against the societal plot to strip individuals of their identities and their...

Mix Up Your High School Reading List

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 12/18 4:20A Karyn Choi
Otherwise known as, The Great Gatsby is overdone. So, everyone has reads The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald in high school. And if you don t read it, you at least checked out the movie [ ]

A Christmas Carol

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 12/14 5:06A Emily Jackson
Today most people are familiar with the holiday classic A Christmas Carol, for which they probably have a favorite Scrooge (or cast, or edition) that they watch either with their families or by themselves at [ ]

The Year Young Adult Saved the Publishing Industry

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 12/11 5:00A Audrey Hopkins
As a teen in the 90’s I read the Sweet Valley High series, followed by S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders countless times. I only knew of realistic fiction in the young adult genre. Then, the Harry [ ]

The Rough-Face Girl

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 12/7 4:36A Ashleigh Martin
The Rough-Face Girl by Rafe Martin and Illustrated by David Shannon, is a unique rendition of the classic Cinderella story that stems from Algonquin Indian folklore. Just like Cinderella, the Rough-Face Girl has a pair of [ ]
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