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May the 4th… Expand Your Universe

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/27 6:41A Jessica Alvarado
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Opening words that virtually everyone knows and loves, they prepared millions for their epic space journey through the galaxies. Star Wars has captivated fans since [ ]

Thank You, Grace Metalious…

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/24 6:23A Cathy Ritchie
Well, this is just a little Peyton Place, and you re all Harper Valley hypocrites!   Tom T. Hall included the descriptor Peyton Place in his 1968 mega-hit country song, Harper Valley PTA, recorded by Jeannie C. [ ]

Tourney at Central: A Game of Thrones Experience

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/20 6:09A Carlos Roque
Valar Mogulis y’all! Here at DPL, we love us some Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire. Some of us have banners in our offices, use house sigils as our email icons [ ]

From the Vault: Pantheologia

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/17 5:14A Sultana Vest
In the Middle Ages, books were a relatively rare and valuable commodity. And while libraries wanted to share knowledge with the masses, they didn’t trust the public to not run off with the more valuable [ ]

Book reviews: Four for your YA TBR list

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/13 9:18A monique.christian-long
YA fiction has never been shy about tackling tough subject matter and addressing issues that its audience faces. From Are You There God, It s Me, Margaret to The Hate You Give , the most popular books [ ]

April of the Penguins

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/10 5:41A Matthew Thompson
Did you know that World Penguin Day is on April 25? The Dallas Public Library knows and is celebrating it all month with a display of perfect penguin paraphernalia at the J. Erik Jonsson Central [ ]

Job Search at the Library

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/8 4:16A Visionaires
We get asked to help people find jobs all the time. That’s not surprising. Even with a generally improving economy, for many people finding a new job or a better job is an urgent need. [ ]

Who was Siddie Joe Johnson?

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/6 3:55A Emily Jackson
Tucked away on the 2nd floor of the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library is one of the finest historical collections of children s literature in the Southwest. This is the Siddie Joe Jonson collection and from [ ]

Shakespeare Retold As We Like It

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/3 6:37A Literature, Language Religion Sp
What comes to mind when you think of William Shakespeare? Do you delight in the rich imagery that his words convey? Or maybe you find his work unspeakably dull or difficult to understand. Regardless of [ ]

“Look! Up in the sky!”

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 4/2 5:00A Youth Discovery Center Specialis
Whether you are from Texas or not you probably have heard the classic tune “Deep in the Heart of Texas.” Those first two lines from the song, “The stars at night, are big and bright, [ ]

Book Review: From Hell by Alan Moore

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 3/23 5:00A Karyn Choi
Hey all you Ripperologist and conspiracy nuts!  Would you like a riveting pictorial interpretation of one of the world s most gruesome and long standing serial killer mysteries? Well, if you asked me this 20 years [ ]

BIG in Texas

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 3/21 5:00A Downtown Branch
The Texas woods, dark and deep, hugged the lonely, narrow road like a damp blanket. An old pickup truck braved the lonely road. Its headlights stretched forward only to be lost in the predawn fog. [ ]

What to read until March 28

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 3/19 5:00A History Specialist
Did you know that there are books in the Genealogy History Division of the Dallas Public Library that talk about baseball?  Come on down to the J. Erik Jonsson Central Library to check out the following books: The Catcher Continue reading

Book Review: How to Stop Time by Matt Haig

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 3/16 5:00A Brandon Murray
What would it be like to live for centuries?  Tom Hazard, the main character in Matt Haig s 2017 novel, How to Stop Time, can tell you that it may not be as fun as you think. Hazard is one of Continue reading

Before, during, and after the Alamo, there’s a lot to remember

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 3/12 5:00A Dallas History Archives Speciali
March is an important month in Texas history.  The Texas Declaration was signed on March 2, 1836.  It is one of several events that occurred that month in 1836 which secured Texas’ place as an independent nation from Mexico.  Texas’ Continue reading
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