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#AskALibrarian Book Recommendations

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 10/16 5:30A Alicia Deal-Unsal
Every Thursday on Twitter, libraries come together to respond to your most pressing book recommendation needs. Just enter #AskALibrarian into your Twitter post with your question and a hoard of libraries will be standing by to field your...

Indigenous Peoples Day 2021

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 10/2 5:30P Molly Tepera
South America accounts for approximately one eighth of Earth’s landmasses and it is one of the most diverse regions of the world, populated by many different nationalities, language groups, environments, and religions. Some of the [ ]

Women in Architecture

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 9/25 5:30A Mariza Morin
I’m not a female architect, I’m an architect I can see where this would get annoying. It’s like if someone kept referring to me as a “female librarian”. No, dude— I’m a librarian, why are [ ]


Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 8/23 9:39A Andrew Anderson
Anyone can say “He’s dead, Jim.” Nobody says “Your weight was up a couple of pounds” like DeForest Kelley. I’m serious. No matter who had played the U. S. S. Enterprise’s chief surgeon, Dr. McCoy, [ ]

DIY Day 2021

Booked Solid - Dallas Public Library 8/5 12:00P Majera Johnson
There are many reasons why we like to do things ourselves: to experience the fun challenge of something new, to gain the feeling of accomplishment, and even to save money. This year we’ve done all [ ]
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