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Andreucci Winery Opens Location on Highway 290

Texas Wine Lover 5/18 4:31A Laurie Ware
A few years ago, it was hard to drive down Main Street in Fredericksburg without seeing the larger-than-life half-face of Flavio Andreucci staring back at you from the southeast corner of Washington...

Southfork Ranch Catering Brings Big Flavors for All of North Texas

Preston Hollow BubbleLife iReporter (Food/Dining) 5/14 1:13A Kelly Hunter
Tens of thousands of visitors from around the world make the trek each year to Collin County to visit Southfork Ranch to experience what life might be like as a legendary oil baron. Now, whether they...

Picpoul Blanc Is the Lip Stinger That’s Hot in Texas

Texas Wine Lover 5/14 12:15A Amie Nemec
Picpoul Blanc grapes from Krista Hartman, Red River Wines and Provisions Native to the Languedoc (pronounced long-dock ) region of Southern France, Picpoul Blanc is a white wine grape gaining...

Texas Wine Country Experience the Adventure of a Lifetime

Texas Wine Lover 5/12 7:28P digitalguider
Texas wine country offers an experience that s as unique and bold as the state itself. Imagine yourself cruising down scenic highways, windows rolled down, and the warm Texas sun on your face. Lush vineyards unfurl on either side, leading to...

Texas Uncorks Exceptional Wines: A Guide to Your Wine Adventure

Texas Wine Lover 5/12 7:21P digitalguider
Texas is quietly emerging as a powerhouse in the American wine scene. Forget the stereotypes – the Lone Star State boasts a diverse range of award-winning wineries crafting exceptional wines sure to tantalize any palate. Whether you re a seasoned...

Something New at Dive Coastal!

Crave DFW 5/8 8:29A Steven Doyle
This staple seafood destination, Dive Coastal , nestled in Snider Plaza presents a diverse selection of delicious, healthy offerings, ranging from shareable plates to sandwiches to handcrafted drinks,...

Canada Family Vineyard Grower Profile

Texas Wine Lover 5/7 12:09A Jeff Cope
The majority of Texas grapes are grown in the Texas High Plains. For those vineyards that have been supplying grapes to wineries for many years, those vineyard names become as well known as the...
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