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Left to right Sunil Dharod (Owner of 69 Texas Applebee's Restaurants), Bill Sproull, president and CEO of the Richardson Chamber and Bob Townsend Richardson Mayor Pro-Tem break ground at the site of the new Richardson Applebee's.


RICHARDSON, TX - - It's proof that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, as city leaders joined Applebee's executives to help plant a new seed for Applebee's in Richardson. Ground was just broken for a new Richardson Applebee's store at 125 N. Plano Rd., the first since the popular neighborhood bar and grill opened in the Dallas suburb in 1989. The store will be moving to the new location upon its completion in July.

"The City of Richardson is so happy that Applebee’s is expanding here. We are the first city to host Applebee’s in Texas and are pleased that you chose to stay here. You will be a huge catalyst for activity on this corner," said Richardson Mayor Pro Tem Bob Townsend, in his remarks at the groundbreaking event.

The new Applebee's will be 4,400 square feet and will feature the new prototype design, with bold colors, a sleek stone facade and a modern aesthetic, as well as 14 flat-screen TVs -- a must for the football-loving Metroplex. This will be the second Applebee's in Texas and the first in DFW to feature the brand's new look. Despite the updates, this new location will feature the traditional core values of the casual dining brand with a focus on providing patrons a family-friendly environment, moderately priced, high-quality food and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy a meal out.

"This restaurant is significant, not only because it is replacing the first Applebee’s built in the state of Texas," said Sunil Dharod, owner of 69 Applebee’s restaurants in the Lone Star State, "But also, think about everything that has happened in that restaurant since it opened in the late 1980s -- countless first dates, thousands of celebrations.  We estimate that our team sang 'Happy Birthday' to guests more than 27,000 times in the 25 years the restaurant has proudly served guests. That’s a lot of clapping, candles and cake! We are excited that the new location will allow us to celebrate with the community for decades more."

Applebee's stores and employees are proud to be a cornerstone of the community and to give back. These initiatives include: Flapjack Fundraisers, which allow schools and other worthy neighborhood causes to raise money; Dining to Donate, in which Applebee’s donates up to 15 percent of a participant’s total food bill to the organization of their choice; “A is for Applebee’s,” which honors student achievement in academics, citizenship and more with a free kid’s meal; and the Thank You Movement, which collects messages of appreciation from the public to give to veterans and provides former and current service members with a free meal on Veteran’s Day.

"We are a people-first company," said Dharod. "The Applebee's mantra has always been to be the neighborhood bar and grill where you are comfortable celebrating special moments, having a drink with a friend, or celebrating everyday joys with your family over a fantastic meal."

City leaders in attendance that joined Applebee's team members at the groundbreaking event included: Richardson Mayor Pro-Tem Bob Townsend; Bill Sproull, president and CEO of the Richardson Chamber; Sue Walker, director, Richardson Chamber; David Morgan, deputy city manager, City of Richardson; Kendal Hartley, councilmember, City of Richardson; and Mark Solomon, councilmember, City of Richardson; as well as ambassadors from the Richardson Chamber of Commerce and members of area neighborhood associations.

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