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The Warren Center, a nonprofit agency providing professional evaluations, therapy services, and support to children with developmental delays and disabilities, recently received a donation of $10,550 from CoVerica Insurance as a part of their CoVerica Cares initiative. 

CoVerica Cares was founded in 2017 by CoVerica founders Mike and Heidi Sterlacci as an extension of their vision to use their business to support and give back to the community and their employees. “It was evident that CoVerica’s employees had a sincere interest in rallying together to serve local causes, so Mike and I identified a path that we believe maximizes our potential,” says Heidi Sterlacci, founder of CoVerica Insurance. “The meaning of the name CoVerica came from combining two purposes— “Cover America” with “Veritas”, the Greek word for truth. CoVerica Cares, therefore, is a logical extension of the same concept. We serve the less fortunate within the community we insure and more. As we cover America better, we can also help others as ourselves, specifically those in need.”

CoVerica Cares partnered with Communities Foundation of Texas to select charities that are truly in need. Funds raised at Cars & CoVerica, the company’s Annual Golf Tournament, North Texas Giving Day, and by generous associates will help children with developmental delays and disabilities who receive treatment at The Warren Center reach their full potential. 

The Warren Center is a nonprofit agency providing professional evaluations, therapy services and support to children with developmental delays and disabilities. The center serves over 1,000 children each week as well as their families. Services include speech, occupational and physical therapy; developmental services; and nutrition as well as family education and support. The Early Childhood Intervention Program serves the entire northern half of Dallas County in 48 ZIP codes. Founded in 1968, 2018 marks The Warren Center’s 50th anniversary. For more information, please visit or follow The Warren Center on Facebook and Twitter.

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