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North Texas Non-Profit Responds to Growing Need for Life-saving Recovery Services

After 36 years of supporting women struggling with alcoholism and their families, The Magdalen House is thrilled to open the doors to their Men’s Program facility in Dallas. This beloved North Texas nonprofit has extended its commitment to helping the alcoholic community by including men. It will offer high-quality services mirroring those of its established women’s program, utilizing the principles of 12 Step recovery—all at no charge.

The men’s program will begin at 2100 Caddo Street in Dallas and has accommodations for First Step, the organization’s two-week, residential program for an alcoholic man who wants to stop drinking but cannot as well as meeting space for Next Step, their three-phase non-residential program that provides structure and education to sustain and grow in their recovery. The house can accommodate up to 12 men with rolling admissions for their First Step program.

Lisa Kroencke, CEO of The Magdalen House, highlights the prevalence of alcohol use disorder, sharing that one in seven men, compared to one in 11 women, grapple with this issue. Illustrating the significance of this statistic, she notes that, based on the 2022 population of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, approximately 405,000 men in D/FW are confronting alcohol-related challenges. Kroencke emphasizes that the growing needs of the community and the escalating demand for life-saving services have prompted the organization to extend its support to men. By offering comprehensive, free services and a continuum of care for individuals dealing with alcoholism, she underscores the importance of taking a holistic approach to address the needs of both men and women.

The Magdalen House is committed to help individuals achieve long-term, sustainable recovery through the following spiritually based, comprehensive programs:

  • First Step program: A two-week, residential program for an individual with alcoholism who wants to stop drinking but cannot. They are provided with the education and resources to achieve sobriety and build a foundation of recovery.
  • Next Step program: A three-phase, nonresidential program for an individual with alcoholism at any stage of recovery. They are provided with structure and education to sustain recovery while growing in knowledge of 12-Step spiritual principles.
  • Community: Solution-focused classes, meetings, and workshops are provided for women and men with alcoholism at every stage of recovery, 365 days a year. We also have dedicated volunteers who provide Family Support to families and loved ones of alcoholics.
  • Resources and Education: Community partnerships help us connect alcoholic women, men, and their families to resources that include sober living, counseling, and health. At the same time, education initiatives allow us to reach and serve more individuals with alcoholism.

If you’re an alcoholic who can’t stop drinking or a concerned loved one of an alcoholic, the first step in recovery is education and access to resources. In D/FW, The Magdalen House provides residential recovery, detox, group meetings, structured programs, family support groups, and tools designed to help individuals grow and sustain recovery. For more information please visit,

About The Magdalen House

The Magdalen House is a nonprofit organization n helping individuals with alcoholism achieve sobriety and sustain recovery using 12-Step spiritual principles. Founded in Dallas in 1987, The Magdalen House remains the only agency in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to offer comprehensive recovery services – without insurance or state funding – 100% free of charge. For more information visit,

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