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No Cinco de Mayo celebration is complete without the stable of premium dips offered by ¡Yo Quiero! including their signature guacamoles, queso, salsas, and bean dips as part of their line-up of  ‘better for you’ snacking options.  

“Our variety of dips, including our iconic guacamole, ensures there's something for everyone, simplifying Cinco de Mayo celebrations with friends, family, or both.' says Tara Murray, VP of Marketing for ¡Yo Quiero!, the family-owned Texas-based company known for their commitment to helping people ‘eat good to feel good’.  “With a focus on quality, value and premium ingredients, we meticulously source the finest components for each dip line we offer, ensuring abundant flavor, fewer additives, and the convenience of multiple sizes suitable for any celebration

In recent years, ¡Yo Quiero! has increasingly become a staple on grocery shelves, catering to the growing demand for fresh, convenient, and healthier snack options. As the ultimate Dip Destination for Cinco de Mayo, their current offerings include:

  • Irresistible guacamole crafted from Hass avocados, renowned for their superior quality. Hand-scooped avocados paired with the freshest ingredients deliver store-bought guacamole that rivals homemade, without any of the hassle.
  • Queso that transcends ordinary expectations by blending authentic Mexican flavors with Texan tradition, resulting in creamy goodness that pairs perfectly with crispy chips and a refreshing margarita.
  • The finest store-bought salsa dips! Crafted from premium tomatoes, vegetables, and just the right blend of spices, their salsa boasts a fresh taste that's a hit with families, whether it's topping tacos or accompanying chips.
  • Premium refrigerated bean dips packed with protein and nutrients, harnessing the goodness of humble beans and infused with flavorful spices. Available in sizes tailored for convenience and any dip-worthy occasion.

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