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On Friday, May 3, 2024, Broadway Dallas proudly unveiled the updated lobby installation of South Dallas Stories: Uprooted, a poignant multimedia exhibit that delves into the historical inequities of the South Dallas neighborhood. This event marked a significant step in the theater's ongoing commitment to fostering community conversations and exploring the rich, complex history of its home neighborhood.

The event featured several notable speakers, including Nitashia Johnson, a multi-media artist and creator of The Beauty Of South Dallas Collection. Johnson's work has been instrumental in highlighting the beauty and resilience of South Dallas through photography and documentary-style interviews. Her latest collection includes illustrations of Fair Park, surrounding historic landmarks, and memorabilia of the late Juanita J. Craft, a pivotal figure in the civil rights movement.

Another speaker was Pat Perez, a founding member of The Friends of Juanita Craft Civil Rights House and Museum. Perez shared insights into the historical significance of South Dallas and its impact on the broader civil rights movement.

Michael Sneed, a devoted South Dallas native and resident, also spoke at the event, sharing his personal experiences and reflections on the neighborhood's history and resilience.

The updated lobby installation of South Dallas Stories: Uprooted offers viewers a compelling visual narrative that sheds light on the community's struggles and triumphs. Through photography, illustrations, and documentary-style interviews, visitors can immerse themselves in the vibrant history of South Dallas and gain a deeper understanding of the systemic inequities that have shaped the neighborhood.

Broadway Dallas' decision to dedicate a prominent space in the Music Hall lobby to this exhibit is a testament to its commitment to racial equity and social justice. By centering the stories of South Dallas community members, the theater aims to spark meaningful conversations and inspire action towards a more equitable future.

As we continue on our journey towards racial equity, Broadway Dallas invites you to explore South Dallas Stories: Uprooted and join us in honoring the resilience and strength of the South Dallas community.

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