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Exciting news for Plano residents! A brand-new Little Free Library is now available at The Toy Tree, your one-stop shop for fun and education. Located at 5813 Preston RD #562, this cozy corner of literary delight is sure to bring the joy of reading to the community.

Debbie Sanders, owner at The Toy Tree and the creative mind behind this initiative, is thrilled to introduce this fantastic resource. "We're very excited to add a free library at our toy store in the Plano area," says Debbie Sanders. "It's our way to get young minds engaged and promote literacy. The library provides opportunities for parents and children to bond over books and foster a love for reading at a young age," she says.

The Little Free Library movement has received recognition from esteemed institutions such as the Library of Congress, the National Book Foundation, and the American Library Association. Even Reader's Digest has hailed it as one of the "50 Surprising Things We Love about America."

A Little Free Library is a small, free-standing box or structure that contains books for anyone to take or exchange. The concept is simple: "Take a book, return a book." These libraries are typically placed in public locations such as neighborhoods, parks, or community centers, and are meant to promote literacy, a love of reading, and community interaction. People can donate books to the library and borrow books from it, creating a sharing economy for literature. 

The Toy Tree offers a wide range of toys, puzzles, trucks, dinosaurs, scooters, jewelry, and stuffed animals for all ages. And for those hard-to-please kids, they offer gift cards to make shopping a breeze. Immerse yourself in a world of wonder and imagination at The Toy Tree in Plano. Visit to learn more about this incredible movement and discover a Little Free Library near you. 

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