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Trinity Christian Academy (TCA) students are helping their campus “go green” in 2014. Seventh grade science classes recently produced roughly 50 gallons of biodiesel, valued at more than $200, with used cooking oils from the school’s cafeteria. This educational and eco-friendly project not only reduced TCA’s monthly fuel costs, but also eliminated the school’s need to pay for the removal of used oils from its campus. In addition to the biodiesel, students were able to use the leftover oil to make lye soap.

Each group of students converted gallons of cooking oil into fuel by separating the substance into two parts, then waiting for water in the purified oil to evaporate.  The conversion process took a total of three class periods, and the final product was given to the TCA maintenance department for machinery. Finally, students were able to watch their work come to fruition as the fuel they’d created was used to power a school bus.

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