I divide my business into 3 areas:
1) Organize and execute local documentary events. www.documentaryevents.com
2) Assist Texas based authors with digital marketing expertise and secure speaking engagements. www.dianemarketing.com
3) project management re: events and other marketing initiatives for companies. Connect with me on LinkedIn and you can view videos of project work.
Diane Feffer
Fentanyl remains the deadliest drug threat facing this country. Attend a short discussion with local experts and expand your knowledge on how fentanyl...
Diane Feffer
Clay G. Small became a world traveler during his 30 year career as Managing Attorney for PepsiCo. He is a professor at SMU Cox School of Business, member of...
Diane Feffer
Texas A&M University Health Science Center reports that between June 2019 and May 2020, our state recorded a more than 50% increase in synthetic opioid deaths,...
Diane Feffer
Learn how the daily practice of mindful self-compassion can lower your stress and improve your productivity. Denette will be offering a free 1 hour virtual...
Diane Feffer
What motivates an art forger? Is it just money? Clay G. Small invested years of research surrounding the most infamous art forgers including Han van Meegeren...
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