I divide my business into 3 areas:
1) Organize and execute local documentary events. www.documentaryevents.com
2) Assist Texas based authors with digital marketing expertise and secure speaking engagements. www.dianemarketing.com
3) project management re: events and other marketing initiatives for companies. Connect with me on LinkedIn and you can view videos of project work.
Diane Feffer
Though he's been farming pigs for years in upstate New York, Bob Comis finds that his views are beginning to shift, and he questions the foundations of the work...
Diane Feffer
FEARLESS follows the journey of documentarian Maura Smith as she seeks to discover who in the Catholic church is what Pope Francis describes as "fearlessly...
Diane Feffer
' The Connection: Mind your Body' is a film about how frontier research is proving that there is a direct connection between your mind and your health. The...
Diane Feffer
CAREGIVERS i s a documentary which takes us on a journey into a world the public rarely views. Learn about the emotional costs experienced by professional...
Diane Feffer
Michael Weisberg, M.D. believes in the power of role models. When asked why he became a physician, Dr. Weisberg immediately credits the kindness of his...
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