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Author L.A. Starks & The Second Law
Join Dallas based author, L.A. Starks this Friday, October 25th at 7 pm , Barnes & Noble Kitchen, Legacy West
The author of The Second Law will share how her background prepared her to write plausible catastrophes within her thrillers.....making us think 'could this happen in real life?'
Find out about thrillers in general and what's on Laura's reading list. 

What others are saying about the new thriller The Second Law 

Kirkus "[...] unremitting suspense throughout...Spirited characters, both good and bad, populate this engaging, often surprising thriller."

Rating: 5 Stars Global Energy Thriller. In L.A. Starks' newest thriller, "The Second Law," oil refining executive Lynn Dayton is confronted with a high-pressure alarm at her San Francisco-area facility. Initially thought to be a "computer glitch," Dayton and her team soon conclude the problem was caused by malware implanted in the refinery's control system...clearly sabotage. Meanwhile, another terrorist act is in progress. A giant U.S. oil tanker with a bomb hidden onboard slowly makes its way to a Gulf of Mexico offshore oil terminal. Events move quickly from San Francisco to New Orleans, Vienna, China and back to the U.S. in a compelling plot that features murder, intrigue, espionage and terrorism committed by agents acting primarily on behalf of foreign countries and their respective economic or political interests. Those who enjoy contemporary fiction based on current geo-political events ripped from today's headlines will enjoy and appreciate the technical detail, taut writing and fast-moving plot of "The Second Law." Highly recommended.

      -–Coast Guy, Amazon Reviewer


Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Hold on for the ride of your life as you learn about the energy industry and what vulnerability we have based on our competitor's needs and long-term plans. There is a mystery, intrigue, murder, cyber-warfare, international competitive interruptions, and many more twists and turns.

      -–Pam V., Goodreads


Barnes & Noble Kitchen is a relatively new concept in the metroplex.  It's a great blend of bookstore and casual eatery - giving you the flexibility to enjoy a glass of wine, craft beer or sparkling water. Enjoy your beverage in-store or in-restaurant.  Whatever fits best with you.  

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