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Coppell based registered nurse and board certified nurse coach, Patricia Daiker, RN, NC-BC  weighs in about life with diabetes during the pandemic.  As a Type 1 diabetic herself, she realizes that people with diabetes may face a higher chance of experiencing serious complications from Covid-19.   

The risk of catching Covid19 is accompanied with stress; which is not a friend to diabetes.  According to Daiker, "any sort of stress from illness to worry, can cause blood sugar levels to rise.   Imagine the last 40+ days, that you’re diabetic, following healthy choices but because of stress, your glycemic numbers appear to be off.   It’s the perfect storm for diabetes ‘burnout’ – when you are doing what you have always done, but the numbers don't make sense. If this happens over time, the failures and frustrations may not seem worth the effort and you abandon your diabetes routine. This is diabetes burnout."   "It’s real and dangerous, even on a good day," asserts Daiker who specializes in coaching people through diabetes burnout.

Recently she shared a few strategies to put in place via her 3 min. segment which aired on Mon. April 27th on Fox4 Good Day 

 Approximately 12% of Texans live with Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes.  Are you diabetic?  How are you doing?  Take this quiz and find out

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