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  3/29/2023 Fentanyl: #1 cause of overdose deaths Diane Feffer
  4/18/2023 Danger of Fentanyl in Fake Pills Diane Feffer
  5/2/2023 Learn the facts about fake pills Diane Feffer

Type: Discussion

  4/18/2022 Free Documentary: Fentanyl Factor Diane Feffer
  9/10/2021 Free Documentary Helping Us Understand PTSD Diane Feffer
  5/24/2021 Practicing self-compassion in everyday life Diane Feffer
  4/30/2020 Living Better with Diabetes Diane Feffer
  4/29/2020 Managing the Duo of Stress & Diabetes Diane Feffer
  2/25/2020 Learning to include Mindfulness into your Workday Diane Feffer
  2/8/2020 Making time for mindfulness Diane Feffer
  2/18/2019 Mindful Self-Compassion in Preston Hollow Diane Feffer
  9/16/2018 Complimentary Documentary : The S Word Diane Feffer
  2/18/2018 Vegan Documentary: The Last Pig Diane Feffer
  9/29/2017 Complimentary Documentary : The Connection Diane Feffer
  12/28/2016 Mindful Self-Compassion: Tools for Everyday Life Diane Feffer
  4/18/2016 Ready for a personal Culinary Nutritionist ? Diane Feffer
  4/17/2016 Ready for a personal Culinary Nutritionist ? Diane Feffer
  9/28/2015 Documentary Screening : (Dis)Honesty - The Truth About Lies Diane Feffer
  6/25/2015 The Connection with Summer - a mindful one Diane Feffer
  12/28/2014 Carry Mindfulness into the New Year Diane Feffer
  10/22/2014 Found in Translation: Hope Diane Feffer
  10/21/2014 Q&A with Psychotherapist Denette Mann - Mindfulness and Meditation Diane Feffer
  3/13/2014 NAMI Walks Dallas diane181