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Plano Gastroenterologist & Author Michael Weisberg M.D.

Capturing an idea for writing a novel is unique to each author. For Gastroenterologist and Author Michael Weisberg, M.D., it began with a routine medical procedure. Before Dr. Weisberg starts the anesthesia process prior to a colonoscopy, he asks the patient if she or he has any questions.  Over the past 28 years of practicing medicine in Plano, Dr. Weisberg noticed that a common response from patients was,  'what is the meaning to life?'  This question became the basis for writing his recent novel, IN THE END

Join Dr. Weisberg as he reflects on his years of practicing medicine as well as IN THE END.  We'll gather at Barnes & Noble Kitchen, Legacy West at 7 pm. on Friday, October 11th.  Enjoy a wide variety of beverages from sparkling water to craft beer.  Peruse through their menu and consider a light appetizer or meal.  The best part is you can drink and eat in the store while listening to a thought-provoking discussion.  

Parking is free and you'll enjoy the music-infused wide sidewalks that line Windrose Avenue.  

Here's what others are saying about Dr. Weisberg's new novel: 

"Against a backdrop of an impending catastrophe, five individuals of varying backgrounds, faiths, ethnicities and financial means come together during a complex and difficult medical procedure.

All five have experienced setback, tragedy, accomplishment during their lives.

All are challenged with the meanings of their lives. Is religion the answer? Is there an afterlife? Why are we even here?

Transcending faith and human frailty, "In the End" offers a message of hope and unification in an era of despair and divisiveness.

This novel will keep you thinking for days after you finish it. And that is the mark of a memorable and worthy read." 

-Doug Ross, author of Hard-Boiled

Visit Dr. Weisberg's author website to view his TEDx Talk , read his blog and other reviews. 

Quick recap of event: 

Friday, Oct. 11th 

Barnes & Noble Kitchen, Legacy West 

7700 Windrose Ave. 

Plano, TX  75024


Complimentary and open to the public.  




Diane Feffer

Preston Hollow resident and Licensed Professional Counselor, Denette Mann has a life long mission to growth and well being for herself and to help others interested in that journey.  

Fifteen years ago she began a personal meditation practice.  She sought out further education on the topic of meditation by attending an intense one-week training in MBSR (mindfulness based stress reduction) in New York , led by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Dr. Saki Santorelli.  She returned to New York and attended a week long seminar on ‘Focusing,’ a gentle form of therapy that depends on the person’s ability to go inside for the answers to life’s problems.  Denette is now Dallas' first certified trainer of Mindful Self-Compassion.  She earned this credential through years of training at the Center for Mindful Self-Compassion, co-founded by Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Christopher Germer, well known authors and pioneers of research on this topic.  For the past five years, she has taught Mindful Self-Compassion classes in Dallas.  We recently caught up with Denette to learn more about this growing practice.   

Question: You've been practicing meditation for more than a decade, what made you delve into Self-Compassion?

Denette:  Meditation practice changed my life.  Learning to be mindful in everyday moments gave me more choice over how I responded to events and to enjoy the small things that happen to us all but are often missed daily.  When I received notification of a training on mindful self-compassion I didn’t have to think about it; I immediately knew that was my next step in my own personal journey and in my quest to be an always improving therapist.

 Question: Is there an extra benefit of practicing Mindful Self-Compassion instead of just Mindfulness by itself? 

Denette:  Practicing meditation and other mindfulness activities help us change our brain and counter the brain’s built-in negativity bias so we can be in the present rather than being in the past or future worrying, ruminating, regretting and all the other things we tend to do.  What mindfulness doesn’t do is give us tools for getting through tough moments.  Self-compassion uses mindfulness but adds compassion for ourselves in these moments.  The research clearly points to significant additional benefits when mindfulness and self-compassion are used during life’s inevitable tough moments. 

 Question: What are your thoughts on the connection between our society's dependance on mobile devices and our search for meditation, yoga and other ways to practice mindfulness?

Denette:  Our dependence on mobile devices is counter to the movement toward mindfulness in the U.S.   Being on a mobile device puts us in our heads and out of our bodies and emotions.   It also is a poor substitute for real connection that human beings are wired to need from birth to death.  The amount of time spent by some on social mobile devices also wires the brain to increase rumination and worry. 

If you would like more information on Mindful Self-Compassion, visit the research page on Denette's website and also the schedule of classes for adults starting on April 1st. 


Diane Feffer

Dallas-based author Merle Rosenbloom immigrated from South Africa to the United States in the 1980's, bringing her love for entertaining and food to our city. She opened a food-basket business and later a successful catering company.  Fast forward several years, on the suggestion from a friend, she started hosting cooking classes for her newlywed friends.  Starting from Scratch: Cooking and Entertaining Made Simple  began as a simple collection of her favorite recipes bound in a book for her daughter-in-law as a bridal shower gift.  After requests for copies poured in, Merle took her cookbook to the next level.  The recently released 160 page cookbook includes 77 recipes along with a) how to stock your kitchen with the necessary tools and equipment, b) the essentials you need in your pantry so that you can make recipes on-the-fly, c) sample table settings and d) menu suggestions.  Through the years, Merle has realized that many people are overwhelmed with the cooking process and they don't know where to start.  So she has focused on making it easy for you whether you're just beginning or are returning to the kitchen after a break.

Merle is the featured author next month at Dallas' Canterbury Book Review Club.   

Here's an example of an easy-to-make appetizer featured in the cookbook, which only calls for 3 ingredients: 



Diane Feffer

Merle Rosenbloom immigrated from South Africa to the United States in the 1980's, bringing her love for entertaining and food.  She opened a food-basket business and later a successful catering company.  Fast forward several years, she started hosting cooking classes for her newlywed friends. Her recently released cookbook, Starting From Scratch: Cooking and Entertaining Made Simple  began as a simple collection of her favorite recipes, bound in a book for her new daughter-in-law.  The requests for copies starting pouring in so she took the original cookbook to a new level and created a hardback cookbook with 160 pages that covers 77 easy-to-make recipes and sections focused on a) organizing your kitchen with the necessary utensils and equipment,  b) how to stock your pantry with the essentials so that it's simple to create recipes on-the-fly, c) table setting examples and d) menu suggestions for two, four or six people.  

Merle will be the featured speaker next month at Dallas' Canterbury Book Review Club.  

Here's an easy-to-make appetizer, Chicken Drumettes, featured in the cookbook which calls for only 3 ingredients: 





Diane Feffer
Join Dallas based author, L.A. Starks this Saturday, Jan. 12th at 2 pm , Barnes & Noble Prestonwood Center.
The author of The Second Law will share how her background prepared her to write plausible catastrophes within her thrillers.....making us think 'could this happen in real life?'
Find out about thrillers in general and what's on Laura's reading list for 2019

What others are saying about the new thriller The Second Law 

Rating: 5 Stars Global Energy Thriller. In L.A. Starks' newest thriller, "The Second Law," oil refining executive Lynn Dayton is confronted with a high-pressure alarm at her San Francisco-area facility. Initially thought to be a "computer glitch," Dayton and her team soon conclude the problem was caused by malware implanted in the refinery's control system...clearly sabotage. Meanwhile, another terrorist act is in progress. A giant U.S. oil tanker with a bomb hidden onboard slowly makes its way to a Gulf of Mexico offshore oil terminal. Events move quickly from San Francisco to New Orleans, Vienna, China and back to the U.S. in a compelling plot that features murder, intrigue, espionage and terrorism committed by agents acting primarily on behalf of foreign countries and their respective economic or political interests. Those who enjoy contemporary fiction based on current geo-political events ripped from today's headlines will enjoy and appreciate the technical detail, taut writing and fast-moving plot of "The Second Law." Highly recommended.

      -–Coast Guy, Amazon Reviewer

The Second Law ranked #4 on the weekly Oklahoma Bestsellers in Fiction from NewsOK!

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars. Hold on for the ride of your life as you learn about the energy industry and what vulnerability we have based on our competitor's needs and long-term plans. There is a mystery, intrigue, murder, cyber-warfare, international competitive interruptions, and many more twists and turns.

      -–Pam V., Goodreads

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. My first book by this author. I enjoyed reading it. It had a good story to it. I liked the variety of characters in it. I hope to read more books by this author.

      -–Darren Martin, NetGalley Reviewer

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars. I loved that book because it was a suspenseful action packed thriller that should be read by our public officials.

      -–Michael Petkus, NetGalley Reviewer

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We invite you to stop by Barnes & Noble Preston Royal this Sunday, Nov. 18th at 3:00 pm.  Sip on complimentary seasonal cider and hot tea while we hear from cookbook Author Merle Rosenbloom as she explains a few easy & quick recipes that are crowd-pleasers.  Sample a few of Merle's delicious creations and leave with easy do-it-yourself recipes. 

Here's what others are saying about Merle's cookbook, Starting from Scratch: Cooking & Entertaining Made Simple

'There are 78 recipes in this culinary journey; but what makes them exceptional is a combined focus on very simple yet elegant-looking, foolproof results and a back-to-basics approach…' 
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review
Diane Feffer


Saying the word ‘Suicide’ is not the problem.

It’s the silence that often surrounds it.

Join us this Wednesday evening, Sept. 19th to view a complimentary screening of The S Word documentary which features interviews with Survivors of Attempted Suicide.
Some are speaking for the first time, in hopes that we’ll learn about this deep dark hole that the human mind can find itself in and understand area resources for help.


“I kept finding that I was crying and laughing at the same time. No one expects to be inspired by a documentary on suicide. But viewers will leave informed, inspired, and uplifted.”
– April Foreman, Ph.D Psychologist, Southeast Louisiana Veterans Health Care System


“The S Word has the potential to do more for suicide prevention in one year than I have in my career. We can all learn from this film.”
– William Schmitz, Jr., Psy.D, Past President, American Association of Suicidology


Click here for complimentary tickets to The S Word documentary at Studio Movie Grill SPRING VALLEY location.

Doors open at 6:30 pm and Documentary starts at 7:00 pm  

We thank VA North Texas Health Care System for bringing this film to the big screen. 

We also appreciate the support of Grant Halliburton Foundation , Documentary Events®  and  Studio Movie Grill.


Questions?  Contact 


Diane Feffer


The 2nd annual McKinney Book Festival will take place at the Church Street Auditorium this Saturday,  Sept 22, 2018 from 9 AM to 2 PM.  

Church Street Auditorium is located at 306 N Church St, McKinney, TX 75069

Over 45 Texas-based authors representing a wide range of genres will be participating.  There will be great reads for all ages.

The director of DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) Texas, a non-profit that supports reading programs and helps get books into Title 1 schools & libraries is thrilled to be back in McKinney. "We look forward to having a fun time, with lots of authors sharing their book with the great citizen of McKinney and North Texas," says B Alan Bourgeois.  "We are always pleased to share the joy of reading and supporting the community."

A preview list of authors, free tickets and a chance to win a $50 gift certificate for books can be found at the website http://McKinney.BookFestival.Network.  

Diane Feffer

Though he's been farming pigs for years in upstate New York, Bob Comis finds that his views are beginning to shift, and he questions the foundations of the work he poured his soul into.
He wonders, is there really a humane way to kill animals? 
The Last Pig is a documentary that beautifully captures the farmer's changing outlook over the course of several seasons. 

This documentary also introduces us into what a vegan lifestyle looks and tastes like. 

Arrive at 6:30 pm and enjoy vegan soup and vegan snacks compliments of Natural Grocers

Documentary starts at 7 pm.   Complimentary and open to the public. 

Location is the fellowship hall within Walnut Hill United Methodist Church.   

 RSVP here 

This sensorial evening has been made possible by our sponsors: 



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Documentary: Fearless



FEARLESS follows the journey of documentarian Maura Smith as she seeks to discover who in the Catholic church is what Pope Francis describes as "fearlessly open to the working of the Holy Spirit" in his encyclical Evangelii Gaudium. 

Expert commentary within the documentary is given by two theologians, Dr. Mary Healey and Dr. Ralph Martin who sit on the Pontifical Bible Commission and the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization. 

Event details:

Tuesday, Nov. 14th

Showtime: 7 pm

Studio Movie Grill located at NE corner of Royal Ln. & N. Central Expressway 

Free admission - RSVP here 

Short link to share with others:

With appreciation to Knights of Columbus Dallas #799 ,  Kingsmen and DocumentaryEvents® for bringing this film to the big screen.