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  5/8/2024 Free Documentary: Fentanyl Factor Diane Feffer

Type: Discussion

  12/12/2023 Awareness About Fake Pills & Fentanyl Crisis in North Texas Diane Feffer
  9/10/2021 Free Documentary Helping Us Understand PTSD Diane Feffer
  6/2/2020 Complimentary documentary on benefits of Mindful meditation Diane Feffer
  5/27/2020 Learning to Live Mindfully Diane Feffer
  10/18/2019 Complimentary Documentary: Return to Mt. Kennedy Diane Feffer
  9/16/2018 Complimentary Documentary : The S Word Diane Feffer
  2/18/2018 Vegan Documentary: The Last Pig Diane Feffer
  11/9/2017 Complimentary Documentary: Fearless Diane Feffer
  9/29/2017 Complimentary Documentary : The Connection Diane Feffer
  10/27/2016 Signs of Humanity in Dallas Diane Feffer
  10/25/2016 Complimentary Documentary : The Student Body Diane Feffer
  10/22/2016 Complimentary Documentary: Divine Mercy Diane Feffer
  10/10/2016 The Untold Story of an Unknown Masterpiece Diane Feffer
  8/27/2016 Free Documentary about the 'Breaking Points' of Teens Diane Feffer
  8/14/2016 Free Documentary about the 'Breaking Points' of Teens Diane Feffer
  5/12/2016 Short Documentary: Tom with Parkinson's and His Rescue Dog, Hank Diane Feffer
  3/15/2016 Documentary: Harpman, Hank & the Spirit Guide Diane Feffer
  1/16/2016 Upcoming Documentary Events® Diane Feffer
  12/27/2015 Mainstream yet Misunderstood in Modern Times Diane Feffer
  9/28/2015 Documentary Screening : (Dis)Honesty - The Truth About Lies Diane Feffer