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  9/20/2023 Learn the danger about fake pills Diane Feffer

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  9/14/2023 Learn the facts about fake pills Diane Feffer
  10/31/2021 Mindful Self-compassion : Free 1 hour session Diane Feffer
  9/10/2021 Free Documentary Helping Us Understand PTSD Diane Feffer
  4/30/2020 Living Better with Diabetes Diane Feffer
  2/18/2019 Mindful Self-Compassion in Preston Hollow Diane Feffer
  9/16/2018 Complimentary Documentary : The S Word Diane Feffer
  2/18/2018 Vegan Documentary: The Last Pig Diane Feffer
  9/29/2017 Complimentary Documentary : The Connection Diane Feffer
  5/16/2017 How the Art of Medicine became a Business in the 21st Century Diane Feffer
  4/29/2017 How the Art of Medicine became a Business in the 21st Century Diane Feffer
  2/23/2017 12 Steps to Make America's Health Care Great Again Diane Feffer
  12/28/2016 Mindful Self-Compassion: Tools for Everyday Life Diane Feffer
  10/25/2016 Complimentary Documentary : The Student Body Diane Feffer
  4/18/2016 Ready for a personal Culinary Nutritionist ? Diane Feffer
  2/24/2016 Leap into Good Nutrition at Cooper Fitness Center Diane Feffer
  1/16/2016 Upcoming Documentary Events® Diane Feffer
  6/25/2015 The Connection with Summer - a mindful one Diane Feffer
  10/22/2014 Found in Translation: Hope Diane Feffer
  10/21/2014 Q&A with Psychotherapist Denette Mann - Mindfulness and Meditation Diane Feffer
  10/16/2014 Mental Health of Greater Dallas presents PRISM 2014 Awards Diane Feffer